AOSM BP, NEM with CLASP,ADM FS set of replica medals #Australian #FULLSIZE#Medals#replica

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Australian Operational service medal

National Emergency medal with clasp

Australian Service medal


The National Emergency Medal is awarded to persons who rendered sustained or significant service during nationally-significant emergencies in Australia.

The below emergencies have been declared nationally-significant for the purposes of the National Emergency Medal:

For information about eligibility, how to apply on behalf of an organisation or as a private citizen, the processing of applications, notification of outcome, and emergency and service declarations, please see the Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions page.

Award of the Medal

The National Emergency Medal Regulations 2011 were approved by Queen Elizabeth II in October 2011. The National Emergency Medal is administered by the Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat at Government House who provides secretariat support to the National Emergency Medal Committee. Applications for sustained or significant service may come from relevant organisations or from members of the community.

The Governor-General may approve an award